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OFR Brochure

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OFR Quick Guide

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Social Promotion

Social Media Graphics to promote Ocean Friendly Restaurants program.

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Customizable Social Media Templates

Social media templates in both Canva and Google Slides that you can modify and use to promote Ocean Friendly Restaurants in your area.

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Table Tent

Suggested vendor and size for table tents.
Table Tents – 4” x 12” folds to 4” x 6”

Suggested Vendor
OFR Table Tent  |  GLFR Table Tent

Bill Insert/Collector Card

Suggested vendor and size for Bill Inserts.
Bill Inserts – 2.75” x 4.25” 

Suggested Vendor
OFR Bill Insert  |  GLFR Bill Insert

Straws on Request Only Signs

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OFR logo locked up with Surfrider Logo

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OFR Membership form

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