2021 Clean Water Report Toolkit

Download the Toolkit

We believe that everyone should have access to clean water to surf, swim and play in—which is why this comprehensive report is essential to provide you with water quality information to keep you and your family safe at the beach.

Featured in our 2021 report are case studies from Florida, Hawai’i, and California, where chapter leaders conduct clean water campaigns and programs that protect public health, identify water quality concerns, and bring communities together to implement lasting solutions. In 2021, the #BlueWaterTaskForce, our volunteer water quality monitoring program, processed a record breaking 8,532 samples collected from nearly 500 beaches across the country. Our determined network of coastal defenders is continuing the fight to protect clean water and healthy beaches for all people.

To help spread the message we’ve put together a toolkit, which includes the report, social copy and graphics and general images that you can use to help promote the report.